Partnership Opportunities

Discover our exclusive range of Partner Programs available and enjoy the flexibility and freedom to choose how you want to work with us!.

Cashback Program

Power up your earnings by offering a cashback percentage to your clients and boost your potential returns from the increased turnover generated. What’s more, we’ll also cover part of the rebate, so you can benefit from the enhanced revenue.


Get rewarded with our cost per acquisition (CPA) program and earn great commissions on referrals. On top of that, you’ll also get rebate payouts based your clients’ trading volume.

Other Sponsored Activity

We’re ready to discuss sponsored partnerships, tailored to the services you provide ! Let’s work together to build a solid relationship and enhance your returns. Whether you’re a service provider looking to introduce a new technology or innovative platform, a signal provider with your own support and marketing teams, or a partner who provides educational services – we want to work with you!

Marketing Support

We’ll provide you with the marketing support you need, to help you grow your business and boost your conversions!


We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions on other support material you’d like us to offer.

Marketing Tools

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